Do you want to keep money to save more money? the money knot spell is what you missing in your financial life. do you want your financial problems to end in your love life? some times you can be working but you can not save any penny.

Further still if you perform the money knot spell will help you aquire money in your life. then whatever you will want to invest in your life will be successful.many people work for all their lives but they fail to show anything.


In addition, you are wondering why you can not keep money forever even though you know how to make it. this is brought about by a number of reasons. every one knows how to make money but not all people can easily save their money well.

Further more, money knot spell will help you acquire so much wealth with the powers of magic. Many people think money magic has to doing human sacrifices. which is not true at all. you can perform a simple money knot spell with out making any human sacrifices.


In addition to that this is basically a candle spell,it can be done every day to make it more will need the following:

  • green candle
  • white candle
  • oil

In this ritual the green candle represents the money or wealth that you hope to acquire or save.And white candle represents you.

The first step is to anoint (smear or rub) the candles with the oil known as “charging” the candle.
As you do this, focus on your purpose and visualize the wealth you are to receive.
Place the candles on your altar, nine inches apart from each other.

But they must be nine inches apart.
Light the candles and chant these words:

“Money, money come to me,
In abundance three times three,
May I be enriched in the best of ways,
Harming none on its way,
This I accept, so mote it be,
Bring me money three times three.”

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