Spell to punish someone who hurt you is all powerful and will help you make your revenge. In your course of life, you are going to meet people who will want to hurt you. As in they will be logging to do harm to you intentionally either emotionally or physically. For instance, your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who feel jealousy whenever he or she sees you with a new partner. You are innocent but they have wronged you, I know many people will speak badly about this ritual but it’s about getting justice to those who have intentionally offended you.

Simple Spell To Punish someone who hurt you.

Do you know that there are many people who are happy into doing harm to others? They are always jealousy and afraid of your success. They do not want to see you happy in life. More still they strive to watch you fail but how can you stop this? That’s why you need my spell to punish someone who hurt you. It works and it has many stages; therefore you can choose to cast a stronger one or a medium or a lesser one. The strong ones can do bad to that person so be careful before you do this ritual. It has powerful effects on the target


Many people have resorted to using magic because they have reported to police but it takes time. There is a number of reasons as to why you need to do this ritual. Take a look at some of them below;

  • It’s good to control those who want to do harm to you and jealousy.
  • It good for those who have stolen from you
  • To control your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend who doe snot want to see you happy.

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