In todays competitive world we even compete for love. Use my powerful love spell to win him back . You will be surprised on fast how your partner wants to come to you begging for forgiveness. Do you feel that your friend or relative is getting closer to your partner more than she/he supposed to be. You will need to act very fast because many of this friend’s aim is to steal your partner. But if you perform this spell it can stop advances from this third party.

A quick guide on a love spell to win him back and how it can help you in solving all your love related problems. Are you in dilemma whereby you are competing over the heart of a certain man? Do you want to win the love of someone you are attracted to? Do you want to cut all the other suitors off your partner?


Its important to note that my spell is casted under my guidance which means that they are certain procedures you must follow. more still you the following materials are needed to perform this ritual;

  • Pictures of your partner
  • Red candles and roses
  • local herbs from spices like cinnamon

In relation to this get a quite place where no one sees you, so that you are able to perform your ritual without any intervention. Get your red candles and begin lightning them up and pick up your lovers pictures and put it into the centre of the lightened candles. start chanting the following words including the names of your partner.

” O spirits of wakende I seek your help,

Help me soften the heart of my man,

Bring him fast back to me within the shortest time possible,

and  kill all the advances from other women who are trying to steal him.

so mote it be.”

In doing so you are awakening the spirits of wakende from my great grand fathers who gave me this gift of healing people. wait for at least 7 days for this spell to effectively work. but remember do not tell anyone about this sacred ritual because most of the friends move around with bad spirits which can distort the effective of the ritual. if anything goes bad with my love spell to win him back, call me now I will help you with everything.

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