Do you want your partner to propose to you? use my marriage spell using hair. Are you struggling to make your partner settle down with you forever. do bother your self I made for you a powerful love portion which you can use and I causes a thunderous effect on your loved one very fast.

Marriage spell using hair is can take over your partner thoughts in such a way that he won’t be able to say no to your proposal again. Can you imagine meeting this man of your dreams and you stay together for a while but he  has failed to marry you.

Marriage spell/make him to propose

Further more there nothing simple in life thats why we use magic. It helps us soften whatever difficult situation which is making our lives miserable . Chief Kibu a renowned African spiritual healer uses spirits in the process of mediation. Marriage spell using hair can be so effective if given time for it to manifest itself.

For instance one of my clients a month back came to me for help with her husband who did want want to commit now and was always un certain but when she came to me and I helped her to get married fast. 

In addition marriage spells using hair is simple to do spell. Just get the hair of your lover , put hair, herbs, charms and other artifacts into it which contributes the formation of an energy clot. Chief Kibu use this energy clot with the powers of the spirits to create a marriage spell using hair.

How to cast love spell using hair

Its worth noting that if you perform this ritual you will be able to ;

Marry your favorite man now.

Your partner will be under your spell forever hence long lasting love.

Your partner will be loyal and faithful to whatever ideas you suggest.


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