Do you want protection from black evil? Use magic spells using black hen so that you are able to banish all black magic being sent your way. Black hen is a very rare species world wide and very expensive to get . But since time immemorial its blood, eggs and feathers provide a very powerful ingredients for magic spells. Its originated in africa and india where most of its powerful effects as mixed in herbs could help you achieve some strong effects when casting a spell.

More so we all need protection either in love, money, job and in our families and nothing is going to guarantee you quick and effective black magic protection and cleanising like the use of the magic spells using black hen.

Magic spells using black hen feathers to chase evil

It worthy important to know that like it or not witchcraft has been around since the earth begin. And the practise of magic is real and it can be helpful in fixing your love, money and work issues. Therefore i will recommend you to call Dr. Kaka now for protection from evil and uncrossing the spells for the restoration of good luck. This powerful magic charge is in the blood, feathers, and eggs of the black chiken.

Similarly,eggs and feathers of the black hen can be used for good or for ill. i have used it to fix alot of my clients love issues and work issue.

Black egg spells for good

Further still, the power of the black hen’s egg to remove evil during rites of spiritual cleansing is found in many parts of the world. But is has been used for a very long time in africa for the following;

  • To cleanse powerful evil in your family
  • For protection against balck magic being sent your way.
  • To attract love and make some one so obsessed with you.
  • And more for strong love connection.
  • To keep your place at work.
  • For strong love affections.

Curses made with black eggs

Do want to curse some one? Is some one making your life hard either at work, in your relationship? politics and you want him or her to suffer or you no lnoger need him or her alive? or you need to break up a couple? Hury up and call me now via my email or whatsApp number and i tell you how to go about this powerful magic ritual.


Before you ask of this powerful magic ritual be desicive for what you are going to use it for. Is it for good intention or bad intention because it can work either way but not mixed.

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