Love portion spell , this is not meant to be drunk but to be worn like a perfume to attract love in your life. i have the power to attract that special person. The legendary love portion Wicca is unlike any thing you have ever seen before.

More to that love portion spell Wicca will help you attract that special person you really want. The moment you take possession of this mystical love portion spells Wicca. You will experience a surge of powerful energy inside you.


First the portion creates a strong aura that your desired partner will find so seducing and very hard to resist you. In this case whenever she or he passes by, the powerful strong perfume will draw his or her emotions closer to you.

Secondly she or he will start noticing unique qualities in you never seen before. try to make sure whenever your desired partner is near by, the perfume will stimulate them, bringing a smile to heir faces. it will stimulate their curiosity so that they will want to be near you.


You will need the following ingredients;

  • Red rose petals
  • Any materials from
  • A glass jar and cinnamon seeds

Either way you can use dry or fresh herbs. you will fill in the jar the quantities that you need. Preferably on the first day of the waxing moon begin casting this ritual. Gather all your ingredients and cast your circle.

Similarly put the herbal jar filled with oil in your hands and then begin visualizing the beaming of light from your heart towards the jar. Then chant this words;

” As the moon grows full, so shall this love portion grow strong”

Finally store your love portion in a dark sacred place, whenever you want to attract love, put a drop on each wrist. this powerful drop is going to be worn like perfume to help you seduce that man or woman you want.

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