Full moon love spell chants will help you find true love and happiness. Have you broken up with your boyfriend and you don’t know why? Is you love life on rocks and lacks affection? there is little chemistry in your love like it used to be. call the doctor to help you now.

Most important about this spell is the fact that full moon love spell chants brings the energies that will help you achieve all your heart’s desires. It will be enhancing all the effects of your love immediately. just be calm i help you balance your love energies.

Full moon love spell chants to rekindle your love life

This has been used since ancient times to help in solving problems in marriage and relationships. So if you feel that your marriage is on the rocks and you have tried all means but still its not working out. Order for this full moon love spell chants to rekindle it fast before it too late.

Full moon love spell chants redirects the energies of the moon to your loved ones. Making him or her fall hard for you again. He or she will be wanting you more than he did before. What you have to do is to direct all your positive energies to the guy.


Pink and red candles works best, an apple. Then find a sacred place to begin this ritual. But under full moon that can transmits good energy. Light the candles and pull out two seeds from the apple. place them in your hands and start chanting these words;

” In the light of full moon, i plant the seed of love”

Put the seed in a piece of cloth, then tie it with a string.burn it with the illuminating candle.place it some where sacred so that no ones takes them and then let the moon do its magic.

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